Looking for the best Tube Wells Drilling and Construction Agency?

Initial Site Inspection

Site inspection of the proposed tube well to locate the best location for your water requirements. Weather it’s for drinking water, irrigation or for industrial use, we assure the best location to start drilling the tube well.
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Tube Well Drilling

Drilling the required type, size and depth of the tube well according to your specific requirements. The well is drilled by high tech heavy duty power rigs capable of drilling up to any depth even to the bedrock in any soil conditions.
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Repairs and Maintenance

For all types of tube well installations, repairing, regular servicing and inspections, parts replacements and regular maintenance services. We provide all the required parts, pumps and accessories for your tube well.
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Who we are

Tube Wells is a Sri Lankan tube wells drilling agency and have served in the tube well industry for more than 15 years. Our expertise, best quality and service ranked us to the top of the tube wells industry in Sri Lanka.
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What we do

We provide a range of services from domestic and industrial tube wells drilling and construction, concrete piling for construction foundations, tube wells repairing, maintenance and providing required parts and accessories.
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Our Projects tube wells sri lanka

Why Choose Us x tube wells sri lanka

Expert Staff

We are crewed with well trained hydrologists, technicians and staff worked hundreds of projects in the tube wells drilling industry. tube wells sri lanka

Best Quality & Finishing

Use only the best and well recognized branded tube well constructing materials, machinery, equipment, spare parts and accessories.

High Tech Machinery

Latest technology and heavy duty tube wells drilling rigs and the modern scientific methods and techniques to locate water in anywhere.

Service and Maintenance

All the repairing, breakdown services, emergency services and maintenance will be provided with the best materials parts and accessories. tour operators in sri lanka


Over 15 years of experience in the tube wells drilling industry and hundreds of successful projects in every scale all over the Island.


Up to 10 years of company warranty for all the tube well parts, submersible and standard water pumps, pipes, fittings and machinery parts.

Water is your freedom! x

What’s the most important thing in the list of your needs? If you already know of or not, it’s pure water. Any living being can not survive even couple of days without water.

It’s the ultimate freedom one can have in their lifespan. Having just pure water along is a dream for most of the people in the world.

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