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Our Vision

Create a better future for our next generation where water leads the prosperity.

Our Mission

Make a personal water supply for everyone in our country for an affordable price.

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Our Expertise

We are one of the best tube wells construction agency in Sri lanka and have served all over the island well over 15 years. In the past challenging journey we have worked with hundreds of successful projects in every type and scale. tube well drillers in sri lanka tube wells sri lanka

The long and modernizing experience led us to success and the trust Sri Lankan made up on us. tube well drillers in sri lanka

Our Commitment

Though Sri Lanka is a wet and fertile country, finding pure and clean water is much harder nowadays. And we are up to the challenge in full swing. We use the latest technologies and scientific methods to identify and locate the best location. tube wells sri lanka

And our heavy duty drilling rigs can drill up to the bedrock to locate water in any area in the Island. best tour operators in sri lanka

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We are Certified!

Tube wells is a certified tube well drilling agency in Sri Lanka. We have the registration issued by the Sri Lanka water and drainage board. tube wells sri lanka

Weather it’s a domestic drinking well, or a large scale industrial well, we are authorized to construct wells for any purposes. tube wells sri lanka

Our Registration Number : RGxxx-xp-xxx-5

We are Authorized!

We as a company registered in 2002 in Sri Lanka as a tube well drilling and construction company. tube wells sri lanka

Company Registration No : PV-xxx-xx-xx

It’s Time!...

Looking for the best Tube Wells Drilling and Construction Agency? And a certainty to find water at your place?